March 26, 2011

Kim from TX - $10 Amazon gift card

Valerie from IL - $10 Amazon gift card

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“Like” theWebPulse on Facebook and be part of our opinion panel!  TheWebPulse Facebook fans can earn gift cards and prizes just by sharing their opinions. Exclusive “Facebook Fan Only” opportunities will be posted regularly on our Fan Page!

What is theWebPulse Online Panel?

theWebPulse is on online community of survey participants created by Issues & Answers Network, Inc. Our panel members provide their opinions to hundreds of companies and assist them in making critical decisions.


How do I join theWebPulse Online Panel?

To join our online panel, simply answer a few questions here to help us get to know you. (If you received an invitation from us, you will earn rewards or be entered into a sweepstakes just for signing up!) If you have a Facebook account or would like to create one, click here to "like" us. After you've become part of our opinion panel, as one of our theWebPulse Facebook fans you can earn gift cards and prizes just by sharing your opinions. Exclusive "Facebook Fan Only" opportunities will be posted regularly on our Fan Page. So be sure to tell your friends and come back often for more opportunities to earn future rewards. No Facebook account? No problem! After filling out the questions about yourself, we'll email you with surveys we think you'll find interesting and you could earn even more rewards down the road!


Do I have to pay a fee to join?

There is no fee to join, and there will never be a cost for you to participate in our surveys.


When/how often will I be asked to participate?

If you are a member of our exclusive Facebook theWebPulse panel, opportunities to participate in surveys will be posted regularly. While not all surveys will apply to all panel members, we encourage you to view the postings and select surveys that are appropriate for you. If you are not a member of our Facebook theWebPulse panel, email invitations will be sent when you may qualify for surveys. Each email will contain a link to the survey website and you may simply click the link or copy and paste the link into your web browser. While we encourage you to participate in all of the surveys that you qualify for, please understand that you are under no obligation to participate, and there will be times when you might not meet all necessary qualifications and will not be selected to complete a survey.


Are my answers confidential?

All of your survey answers are strictly confidential.


How do you use my answers to your surveys?

Your answers will never be considered or viewed on an individual basis, but will be grouped in aggregate for analysis. Those aggregate answers from all survey participants are summarized and analyzed and provided to our clients so they may make citical decisions about products and services. It is very important that we represent the opinions of each survey participant. While your individual answers are very important, the answers of the entire group responding to the survey as a whole make it a valuable instrument to our clients.


How long does it take to complete a survey?

There is no standard length of surveys conducted by theWebPulse. Survey length and the time required to complete each is completely dependent on the questions to be asked during the course of the survey and your answers to those questions. Typical surveys last between 10 and 12 minutes, but that is an average and you should consider each survey on an individual basis. We typically mention in the invite how long we think it should take to complete the survey and the incentive (prize and/or sweepstakes) to participate is often proportionate with the amount of time you are expected to spend taking the survey.


How do I know when there is a survey available for me to take?

You will receive an email message with a link to the survey. You can also look for surveys on our Facebook page.


How do the prizes and sweepstakes get awarded?

While not all of our surveys offer a prize or sweepstakes entry for participation, each survey invitation you receive (either through Facebook or via email) will detail incentive (prize or sweepstakes amount) for participation. The rules for participation and reward of all prizes and sweepstakes can be found on the 'Rules' page in this website. To view them, simply click on the 'Rules' tab on the menu or click here. Please note that all surveys have a finite time period for participation and participation within that time period is necessary to qualify for any reward.


What is my Panel Member Identification?

Your Panel Member Identification is the email address you used to join theWebPulse. This will be your unique identification when participating in a survey. To ensure that we are interviewing only approved panel members, other information provided in your demographic questionnaire (zip code, city, etc.) may be used to verify your identification.


Can I join if I am under 18 years of age?

In order to comply with online research guidelines, we currently do not accept panel members under the age of 18.


What is your Privacy Policy?

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. Your answers will never be considered or viewed on an individual basis, but will be grouped in aggregate for analysis. Any personally identifying information that you provide us will never be shared. Our commitment to survey participants is to protect their privacy through our Corporate code of ethics and by the way we collect survey data through secure technologies and methodologies. We also strictly adhere to the privacy policies of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations ("CASRO"). Among other things, CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research states that market researchers will not harass or deceive the people whom they contact, and will not conduct surveys through surreptitious means.


How do I contact theWebPulse if I have technical difficulties or have questions not answered in these FAQs?

If you are having difficulty accessing a survey for which you have been invited, please check the link again. If the direct link doesn't work, please try cutting and pasting the link into your browser. You will need to make sure to click 'Go' or press 'enter' after entering or pasting the website address. If you continue to have difficulty, please send an email message to help@thewebpulse.com and specify the name of the study and the exact nature of your problem, along with the link the survey, if possible, and your email address. We will respond to you as quickly as possible. If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns about theWebPulse Panel, please send an email to help@thewebpulse.com with your comments and one of our Account Executives will respond to you as soon as possible.